About Us

Hi - I'm Marijo.

My son, John, and I started this shop as a way to work on something together. 

Us in South Dakota 2020

We live near Boulder, Colorado, and as we were driving home one afternoon from school, we were talking about what to call the store. He looked out at the mountain vista in front of us and says "Cloud Mountain" and that's how it all started.

We worked together designing the logo and then I took over product development and he helps with social. He's also the creator of our proprietary character Patata - get the exclusive merchandise featuring them here

This store is here to bring fun products you won't find anywhere else and we hope you love them as much as we love creating them.

If you ever need anything, please send me an email at marijo at cloudmountaingifts.com and I'll be sure to help! If you mentioned this bio, I'll send along a 15% off coupon too!

Happy shopping and welcome to the Cloud Mountain Tribe!